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Authentication (Auth) Debugs

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  • 4/6/2020




  • Auth debugs will capture more detailed information about authentication attempts, such as what rules were used to apply a particular user profile, or what part of the authentication attempt failed, etc.


  • HiveManager or HiveManager Classic
  • Any AP
  • Any HiveOS version




  • SSH in to the AP How to SSH in to a device using PuTTY

  • Run the following commands to enable the most common auth debugs

    • _debug auth all

    • no _debug auth info

  • Replicate the authentication issue we are troubleshooting and note the MAC address of the device used to replicate the issue.

  • Get tech data

  • Attach the tech data to your support case or email it to if this is a community question, and let us know the MAC address of the client used to test.

  • Run the following commands to disable these debugs, when ready. A reboot of the device will also remove the debugs.

    • no _debug auth all

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