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Service & Support FAQ – Avaya Integration

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Avaya End User
Extreme Networks Support Integration
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Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions for getting support on Avaya networking products.
NOTE: This is a living document, so please be sure to check back here for updates.


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Service and Support
Now until April 9, 2018
Support Delivery on Avaya networking products will remain the same for Avaya end customers from now until April 9, 2018. Please continue to use the same Avaya processes and support contact information as you have in the past for all support activities (Tech Support, RMAs, etc.). Until April 9, consider this business as usual. Visit for more details.

April 9, 2018 going forward
Will Extreme honor existing Avaya Support agreements?
Customers/Partners with an existing Avaya Networking Support contract will see the Ownership of the contract transfer to Extreme. The support level, deliverables and terms remain the same and will be provided through Extreme resources. If a customer’s support contract comes up for renewal before the transition, it will be renewed as an Avaya Support contract with the same support level, deliverables, and terms.
How do I reach Support for Avaya Products?
You will need to contact Extreme Networks for support after April 9.

How do I purchase Support for Avaya Products?
You can continue to use the same Sales process, part numbers, and pricing as well as receive the same discounts as you did prior to the acquisition. We will communicate to you in advance of any changes through emails and webinars.

Can I purchase Extreme Services?
Yes, you can purchase ExtremeWorks Services for Extreme Products from any of Extreme’s Authorized Distributors. You must use Extreme’s Service part numbers when ordering.

Which Avaya products are included in the transition?
The product line includes the ERS and VSP switching platforms, including the BOSS and VOSS operating systems. Also included are the AFO, COM+ and IDE software platforms. Extreme will continue to support the WLAN 9100 products as well.

How does Extreme Networks identify and entitle Avaya networking products?  
Extreme uses hardware serial numbers to identify and entitle products, so please have your product's serial number available before contacting support.

Will my existing contact information be migrated into Extreme's support systems?
Yes. All end customer contact information will be integrated into Extreme's support systems. Please be ready to provide your hardware serial number if you need support.
How do we access the Extreme Support Portal? Will my contact information, support cases and contract details be available through the Extreme Support Portal?
You will need to register a new support portal account. Please follow this link to begin registration: Your support cases and contact details will be transferred over to your new account.

If I currently have a case open with Avaya support, will my case be transferred?
Yes, you will maintain your support case with Extreme Networks. You’ll need to provide your case number and any supporting documentation.
If I call Avaya for support on my networking product after April 9th, will my call be routed to Extreme Networks?
Yes, if you call Avaya Support after April 9th, for a limited time, all callers selecting networking products on the call routing system will automatically be redirected to Extreme Networks.
Who will provide 4-hour on-site support?
Beginning April 9th, customers who have purchased a 4-hour onsite support contact will be serviced by Extreme Networks.
How can I open up a case through the Extreme Support Portal?
The recommended way to contact the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) is to go to the Extreme Support Portal located at
Please have your hardware or software Serial Number or your customer service contract Agreement Number ready for Web Support interactions. You can find the hardware serial number on the original box, on the device itself or through the CLI/GUI (command line interface or graphical user interface).

What can I do in the Extreme Support Portal?
We've put together a video describing usage of the portal and to demo its capabilities. You can find it here.

Is there a different phone number to call for Avaya products?
Yes. Please contact Extreme Networks for your Support needs. See the next question for additional information.

What number will I dial in order to obtain phone support from Extreme?
Please use this link to find the number that applies to your region:

What information will I need to provide when opening a support case via phone?
Call GTAC and identify yourself. Please have the serial number of your product available. You will immediately be connected to a TSE who will open a case and provide you with a case number.
  1. To find the correct number to contact based on your location, please go to
  2. Once connected to a support engineer, explain the technical details of the issue.
To help expedite the problem resolution process, have a description of the issue or symptom, including:
a) First occurrence?
b) Frequency?
c) Severity / Business Impact?
d) Current recovery method or workaround?
The Topology as it pertains the deployment
3. The output from the show tech

What is the response time for legacy Avaya networking products support contract cases?
Case PriorityResponse TimeRestore Time (SW fix or workaround)Update Frequency
C1: Customer’s network segment or management application is down or experiencing a consistent, measurable performance impact with no immediate resolution available1 hour4 hoursUp to 4 hours
C2: Customer’s network is experiencing intermittent failure or degradation of network or management application.1 hour1 dayDaily
C3: Customer has issues that do not affect normal network or management application operation and/or questions concerning product function or use.8 hours10 days5 days
C4: General questionsWithin 24 hoursBest EffortBest Effort

How do I request an RMA for an Avaya networking product?
All product returns to Extreme Networks must comply with the procedures located in the Service Description Documents at:
You can request an RMA using the following methods:
  • On the web using Extreme Networks password-protected Support Portal
  • By contacting your local Technical Assistance Center by phone
Note: You must create a Case before you can submit an RMA request. You must have the product serial number as this is what is used to confirm entitlement.

How do I determine if I am entitled to receive technical support?
Customers who have a product covered under product warranty or have purchased a Support Contract are entitled to use GTAC. You can check the status of your support contracts on the Support Portal.

What if my product is not under warranty or a support contract? Can I still get support?
If you do not have a current warranty and/or contract and need a replacement part, we offer a few different options to purchase “Per-Incident” support. Speak with the GTAC representative about this.
What is the RMA process for returning a failed product?
You must open a case at and submit an RMA per the instructions above.

Where do I ship an RMA product?
The RMA waybill at the of the RMA submittal process will automatically populate the Repair Depot shipment location. However, Extreme Networks’ Regional Super Depots are in the locations below. See the Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ for more detailed information on RMAs.
  • Louisville, KY (US)
  • Venlo, NL (NL)
  • Philippines (PH)
  • UPS SCS Tokyo Distribution Center (Tokyo)
NOTE: Be sure to write the RMA number on all packages or your defective product may be returned to you or you may experience delays in processing of your return.

How do I download software?
Once you have an account on the Support Portal at you can download software directly from the Support Portal under the Downloads tab.
Customers with Support Contracts have access to updates and upgrades that are available during the period of their service contract
Warranty customers should verify their warranty details by reading the information at this link:
Once a Support contract has expired, customer Support Portal access will change from Contracted Access to Warranty Access.

Additional notes

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