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Extreme Portal Help: Cannot Log In and Cannot Reset Password for Extreme Portal

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  • 000074695
  • Last Modified:
  • 4/16/2018


  • Reset Password process for the Extreme Portal does not work and is stuck in a looping situation: After submitting a self-service reset password for the extreme portal, the option to enter in a new password is never presented and the process appears to be stuck in a repeating loop.
  • After clicking a link from Extreme Networks to reset your password, the option to enter in a new password is not presented.
  • Additionally, a new account cannot be created for the same email address: Cannot create a new account and cannot reset password for the same email address.




Root cause can vary depending on situation


If you attempt to reset your password for the Extreme Portal and you never receive the email with a link to set up a new password then it is possible that the email is being blocked by your company's anti-spam systems, or you do not have an account set up yet for the Extreme Portal. Some anti-spam systems might also access the link in the email. The links in the password reset emails are one-time use only and if a spam checking program accesses the links then they will no longer work for you if you receive the email.
  • If the password reset fails, please try creating a new account  for that email address on the Extreme Portal Account Registration page.
  • If you are unsuccessful at resetting your Extreme Portal password and you also cannot create a new account for the same email address, then please first check with your email administrator to see if the emails might be blocked/checked by your email protection systems as mentioned above.
  • If you cannor reset your password and you also cannot create a new account for that same email then you will need to contact Extreme Networks for assistance. If you need immediate assistance with a technical product-related issue, and you are unable to access the Extreme Portal for online case management, then please contact GTAC on the phone. GTAC is available 24x7X365 and they can also perform a manual password reset for you or request access for you.
  • If you do not have an urgent product related issue and cannot reset your password or create a new account, then please send an email to describing the situation and we will do our best to help resolve the issue and reset your password manually. As mentioned above, GTAC can also help resolve this issue if you are already talking to GTAC about a technical product related issue. Please include a reference to this knowledge article which includes steps for them to reset the password manually.

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