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Options for Feedback on the Extreme Portal

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The objective of this article is to explain the options for submitting feedback about the Extreme Portal.


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Please review the following sections to determine which team you should contact to give feedback related to the Extreme Portal.

Portal (not including the Partners tab)
Please email the Extreme Portal group to give feedback on the Extreme Portal website in general, minus the Partners area. Here are some of the common types of issues /feedback for the Extreme Portal goup:

  • Problems with logging in to the Extreme Portal
  • General feedback about the Extreme Portal website
  • Functional problems with the Extreme Portal website 
  • Usability issues with the Extreme Portal website

 If you need assistance with product-related technical data in the portal (such as service contract data that appears to be incorrect, access to certain firmware, etc.), then you can go directly to GTAC Support for assistance with those types of inquiries. In some situations the Extreme Portal will recommend this action directly. If you are unsure, please start with sending an email to the Extreme Portal group at and we will help get you to the right group, if necessary.

GTAC Support: Online: Create a Case, Phone: Call GTAC  email:
If you need assistance with a technical Extreme Networks product-related issue, then you should contact GTAC.

You can contact GTAC online, by email and by the phone. If you are able to log in to the Extreme Portal, please submit your case online.  Online case management streamlines the resolution process and collection of required entitlement information.

If the issue is urgent or if you are unable to access case management on the Extreme Portal, then you can use the GTAC Contact page to find the proper phone number for your location to call GTAC for assistance. Also, you can email; you will be required to include a product identifier or case number in the subject of the email or the email will be bounced back to you, please see the GTAC User Guide (Extreme Portal) for more details on the email channel.

For Licensing redemption/activation issues or questions, please email

If you have feedback that is specific to the Partners tab of the Extreme Portal, then you should email the EPN Support group at Here are some of the common types of things that should be sent directly to the EPN Support group:

  • Deal Registration questions/issues
  • Not For Resale (NFR) program questions/issues
  • Ultimate Warrior program

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