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Virtual Controller - adopted APs won't upgrade firmware

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  • Solution
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  • 000014402
  • Last Modified:
  • 7/6/2017


Virtual Controller - adopted APs won't upgrade firmware


  • Virtual Controller
  • VC
  • Access Point
  • Firmware upgrade
  • WiNG Express 


Firmware image file not resident in Virtual Controllers (VC) flash directory. Firmware image not uploaded to Virtual Controller a second time


Upgrade Virtual Controllers firmware a second time via GUI or CLI:

You can perform the following from the VC AP using the CLI (Command Line Interface/SSH with PuTTy). A TFTP or FTP server will be required and there are many freeware TFTP/FTP servers available on the Internet:
enable [enter]
device-upgrade load-image ap7522 tftp://<hostname|IP>[:port]/path/file [enter]
or you can use FTP:
enable [enter]
device-upgrade load-image ap7522 ftp://<user>:<passwd>@<hostname|IP>[:port]/path/file [enter]
Once file has been uploaded successfully to the VC AP, have the customer reload (reboot) the non-VC APs and they should upgrade from the VC AP.

Additional notes

The AP upgrade image file needs to be loaded on Virtual Controller... Upgrade of the VC is not enough.