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How do I Create a WLAN on A WM Controller

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  • 5/18/2016


Creating a WLAN on a WM Controller and assigning it to AP radios from the GUI


  • Summit: WM3000 Series
  • Summit: Wing


Create a WLAN
  1. Click the Configuration Tab.
  2. Click the Wireless sub-tab.
  3. Click Wireless LANs (Left-side, Top Window) 
  4. Click Add
  5. Name the WLAN Select Bridging Mode (Tunnel or Local)
  6. Assign a VLAN ID Click Ok Commit and Save
Assigning WLAN to AP Radio(s)
  1. Click the Configuration Tab
  2. Click the Profiles sub-tab
  3. Double Click the AP
  4. Click Interface
  5. Click Radio Click on Radio 1
  6. Click the WLAN Mapping Tab
  7. Select the WLAN and move it over to the Radio
  8. Repeat Process for Radio 2

Additional notes

Tunneled Mode - All AP traffic will be sent back to the Controller for processing
Local Mode - The AP will handle the traffic locally