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WiNG How to create WLAN

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  • 6/7/2019


  • How to create Wlan on WiNG AP


  • WiNG
  • WiNG AP


Basic WLAN Configuration
When creating or modifying a WLAN, the Basic Configuration screen is the first screen that displays as part of the WLAN configuration screen flow. Use this screen to enable a WLAN and to and define its SSID, client behavior, and VLAN assignments.
To define a WLAN's basic configuration:
  1. Select Configuration > Wireless.
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  1. Select Wireless LANs to display a high-level display of the existing WLANs.
  2. Select Add to create an additional WLAN, or select an existing WLAN then click Edit to modify its properties.
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  1. Select ‘OK’ and then ‘Commit and Save’

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